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How do you cope with the extremely hot temperatures in Tbilisi?

Monday, July 12
"Well, it is really very hot in Tbilisi, but I have a job and at the present moment cannot leave the capital and go somewhere to rest. Till 6 o’clock I work and then either go home or to Tskneti.
Nino, manager, 29

"Every day my friends and I go to Tbilisi Sea; we rest and sunbathe there, until we go to Batumi. At the present moment we have national exams and we cannot leave the city, unfortunately."
Nodar, enrollee, 18

"Half the day I spend in a park. I have a baby and so we walk every day, she cannot stay at home. In the evening we walk too. If my husband has free time, we go to Tserovani village, where we have a house. For August we plan to go to Kobuleti to rest."
Natia, housewife, 24

"By taking showers three or more times a day. It’s not a joke – I’m pregnant and I really suffer from the awful heat day and night."
Nino, scientist, 29

“I am trying to walk around a lot in the evening so I get tired and fall asleep soon afterwards. It is absolutely impossible to breathe in the house at night. I don’t remember when it was last so hot in Tbilisi.”
Neli, pensioner, 70

“I have moved to Tskhneti with my family. It is hot here too but not as unbearable as in Tbilisi. I hope that the temperature will drop soon.”
Maia, doctor, 38

“I am trying to follow the advice of specialists and avoid going out from 2 to 5 pm, drinking more water than usual. That’s it. I wish I could go somewhere out of town, however due to my job I can’t do that.”
Giorgi, bank employee, 26

“Actually I dream of escaping from the Tbilisi heat but without result. Every weekend I enjoy my freedom in the mountains of Georgia but still it is really hard during the weekdays, especially at nights when I can hardly sleep. I hope this terrible situation is soon over or else I will leave my job and run to the highest mountains where’s there’s lots of cold water.”
Elene, reporter, 23

“Oh this is such an unpleasant question for me, especially at such a hot period. I have so much work to do that I don’t even have time to worry about the weather but still I drink more water and juice to cool down than I have ever drunk before. I hope this is all over soon.”
Niko, painter, 48