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Would Georgia prospering guarantee that the occupied territories would return?

Wednesday, July 14
"If Georgia manages to be a strong country from an economic viewpoint, and we have the means to be one due to our natural resources, it is possible that the Abkhaz and Ossetians might demand unification with Georgia, as they would have a better life here compared to what Russia is offering."
Nugzar, carpenter, 41

"There are people in Georgia who believe that Clinton saying “occupation" and "occupied territories” will change something in the near future. Where have you seen a flourishing country without its own economic levers? We have one pipeline left and our authorities are intending to sell it to the Russians."
Giorgi, economist, 51

"In the present situation I cannot imagine a flourishing Georgia, unfortunately. I can see no signs of this. Of course, a powerful country has significantly more opportunity to reintegrate its lost territories, but nothing to create real economic and political advance is being done in Georgia, everything is falsified by the present Government."
Demetre, unemployed, 29

"I doubt whether the prosperity of a country can ever be enough for it to guarantee that it will get its territories or anything else back…I definitely hope that conflict resolution will bring the breakaway regions back but it’s down to cooperation and mutual understanding between the sides."
Ana, translator, 23

"Regaining the lost territories is an issue with wide political repercussions. I hope that the Government of Georgia doesn’t simply try to develop the country in order to attract the attention of the people living in the breakaway regions. This would be a primitive and doubtful solution to the serious political controversies surrounding this issue."
Merab, sportsman, 48

"I hope everything in our country can be put in its place and all the people live together in peace. God bless us all in all our plans and let Him make our country as united as it should be."
Laura, pensioner, 72