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Why do you think so many foreign diplomats have visited Georgia recently?

Thursday, July 15
"Itís obvious that more foreign diplomats and officials have visited Georgia lately. I think this is a sign that foreign interest in Georgia is increasing. As for the reasons, I consider that one of the main ones is our important strategic location."
Gia, economist, 28

"I think the main reason is Russia. Other influential countries are frightened of Russiaís success in certain directions, for example in Ukraine and the Caucasus, as more Caucasian countries are turning to Russia rather than the United States or the West. Georgia is practically the only country in the Caucasus with a pro-Western orientation, though the Caucasus is an extremely important area for all powerful countries. I think all influential leaders realise the importance of having an ally in the Caucasus, and that is why they have become active lately."
Gaga, political scientist, 34

"It is difficult for me to say, as it is not easy for an ordinary citizen to adequately assess political issues. In my opinion they see some potential, maybe economic potential, in Georgia."
Natia, housewife, 42

"Well itís just down to the fact that Georgia has become one of the most welcome countries not only for others in the region but throughout the world, so different diplomats have their personal approaches to our homeland, which I think is quite encouraging for us."
Beso, footballer, 27

"I actually welcome Georgia becoming the subject of foreign interest but I wonder what the visits of various diplomats may mean for our country without particular steps being taken?"
Maka, lawyer, 43

"The aims of foreign diplomats definitely varyÖtheir visits are part of political games which have their own rules. If anyone is visiting our country, praising our policy and giving us funds, it means they are interested in getting more out of this country because no one ever gives things without asking for something in return."
Nino, sociologist, 23