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Friday, July 16
Dimitri Lortkipanidze to found new party

Versia reports that opposition MP Dimitri Lortkipanidze, who recently left We Ourselves, plans to create his own party. In his interview Lortkipanidze talks about the main priorities this party will have. “I confirm that I am planning to found a political party. I have been thinking about this for a long time and its purpose will be to widen the circle of my political allies. I am in the process of negotiating with future members and I’m concentrating on those people who are not well known to the public," he says.

As for the party's name, Lortkipanidze says that it would be appropriate to call it Law and Justice, explaining that the country needs these two things most of all. “I also have close relations with Polish colleagues and as is known the late President of Poland Kaczinsky’s party had this name," he says. He adds that the launch of the new party will be held in autumn as this is the most intense political period in Georgia.

Commenting on the non-Parliamentary opposition, Lortkipanidze says that he does not recognise such a term, adding that if you oppose the Government you are part of politics. The MP says that the opposition should have the ability to really oppose the Government, adding that the major task is to achieve Government change, which will take proper political struggle.

Georgians selling houses in Gali

Rezonansi writes that Abkhazians began buying the houses of Georgians in Gali long ago and in Sokhumi and Ochamchire even earlier. Armenians and Russians have bought the houses of IDPs and these are for sale even in Gali.

Georgians are selling their houses very cheaply, for 10,000 or 25,000 dollars. The IDPs say in that they have lost hope of Georgia regaining the territory, but there are still some who do not think about selling their dwellings and buying comfortable flats on the other bank of the River Enguri.

"I have an aged mother, children and a husband. When we found nothing there we returned here to our town. We cannot say that we have the best living conditions but in fact we had no other way. People seem to have lost hope of returning and have sold their houses. Mainly Abkhazians buy houses here and one was sold in my street as well," a Gali teacher says.

"I have taken an Abkhazian passport. In fact, I have no other choice. Otherwise I would have abandoned everything. What can I do here? How I can support my family? When we took Abkhazian passports, the Abkhazian administration demanded that we renounce our Georgian citizenship. I do not know what might happen in future. I cannot tell you anything more because there are traitors among the Georgians, who tell the Abkhazians everything," the teacher adds.