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What do you think about new tax code developed by the Government?

Friday, July 16
"To tell the truth I do not have enough information about this to make an adequate comment, but as far as I know there are some amendments concerning alcoholic drinks and some new institutions will be launched. I think it is an acceptable code, as some amendments in this direction are really needed."
Tamuna, teacher, 35

"It is unacceptable for me, as it is mainly oriented on how to provide more money for the budget. Changes are acceptable when they resolve some basic problems. The main problem of the previous code was lack of transparency, which remains a problem after adopting the new one."
Zaza, manager, 29

"Unfortunately the Government of Georgia seldom thinks of its people. The Tax Code, just like any other document of national importance, should actually be free from any bias it should ensure the equality of citizens regardless of their social status. So the changes in the Tax Code are unfortunately oriented on the state's financial benefit, nothing else."
Eka, lawyer, 32

"I think it has its negatives and positives. Our authorities could have adopted a better one, but they did not. Problems remain in the tax administration direction, but there are positive moves concerning small businesses."
Nikoloz, economist, 43

"I have heard that lots of items in the tax code have been changed in a very improper way I mean they are discouraging the public from believing that the Government is acting in their interests. I think the Tax Code should have been oriented on simplifying the lives of citizens, not the opposite."
Misha, pensioner, 71

I do not know much about this tax code or business, but I think it is a good idea to promote business in Georgia and attract foreign investors.
Maka, student, 20

I do not think many things will change by introducing this code, because business is put under continual threat by the Government. Whatever they say, nothing will change for the better.
Tamar, translator, 34