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Tuesday, July 20
Ramaz Sakvarelidze – One point of those visits was to improve our relations with Russia

Political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze states in the interview with Kviris Palitra, "The frequent visits of international dignitaries were like snow in summer after a period of conspicuous isolation. But I doubt that it is right to say that we are threatened with hostilities and the visits of European and Americans officials were made to prevent a new escalation of the conflict with Russia. It is natural to think this way as the most dangerous thing for us is the renewal of hostilities. Certainly everyone who came talked about the restoration of territorial integrity, emphasising the necessity of peaceful negotiations, but no warning about the inadmissibility of hostilities was made during any visit.

"We may suppose that this issue was not discussed either in the closed meetings or the lobby interviews, or we would have been told. But the necessity of restoring normal relations with Russia was especially focused on, particularly during Kouchner’s visit. One of the major points of those visits seems to have been persuading Georgia to improve relations with Russia. Everyone stated that on the one hand Obama’s reset policy was being consolidated and on the other the relations of America’s partners with Russia should be normalised. We are one of the partners of Washington but also the source of a disagreement between the US and Russia. The general purpose of the visits seems to be that Russia and Georgia and their neighbours should all be embraced as part of a general political course," Ramaz Sakvarelidze says.

"Actually, Russia has also revealed a readiness to improve relations with Georgia and Saakashvili has given a relevant response to this notion. We need a ‘conciliator’ to help us take steps towards the improvement of relations. We seem to have received a parade of potential ‘conciliators’ in these frequent visits. There is one more reason for them – the West has seen that the isolation of Georgia might produce an even worse outcome – namely, if Georgia conducts relations with states with a bad reputation, this will change the geopolitical orientation of Georgia. The West is well aware of the fact that an isolated country might become very dogmatic. Iran and Russia are the best examples of this. That is why America and Europe now endeavour to embrace Russia in civilized relations," Sakvarelidze says.

Goka Gabashvili – Noghaideli is a traitor

Giorgi (Goka) Gabashvili, one of the Parliamentary majority leaders, states in an interview with Versia, "We have always advocated a dialogue with Russia but the key topic should be the de-occupation of Georgia. Georgia and Russia cannot be friends while Georgian territory is occupied by Russia. Russia may revoke its embargo but this will not change anything. We cannot talk about secondary issues while there are Russian military bases on the territory of Georgia," Gabashvili says.

"As for Noghaideli, he was not thought to be a traitor but he is one indeed. When you talk to the enemy about overthrowing the Government of your country you are a traitor, are you not? Only a Government, with the mandate of the people, can negotiate with another state in accordance with the interests of the people. Our interest is the de-occupation of Georgia. Generally, I think Noghaideli does not deserve the attention he gets. He is a radioactive person with AIDS and if the other political parties touch him they will be infected like Noghaideli," Gabashvili continues.

"I cannot call the people who only want to overthrow the legitimate Government to exact personal revenge true opposition. Such an opposition will naturally break up. If such an opposition weakens this will be good, and it will be even better if it vanishes at all," Goka Gabashvili says.

"The puppets of Russia will not be able to do anything in Georgia for they do not have the support of the people. Everyone sees Noghaideli kneeling at the feet of Putin and licking the shoes of the major enemy of the country… It is a shame!" Gabashvili adds.