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What do you think can be done to help the tourism business in Georgia?

Tuesday, July 20
“We have very good examples of support for tourism development. In the last two years we have had more than 50,000 tourists from our neighbouring countries alone. Armenia is getting very active and we expect more tourists from Armenia. I think this means that the Georgian tourism development trend is very optimistic. I can also say that Batumi is really developing rapidly.”
Andrew, businessman, 37

“The main is that Georgia has everything it needs to make the tourism business successful. Georgia has very a profitable geographical location and this is very important. I think tourism in Georgia is developing very well. We have the sea and Adjara is full of the tourists from Armenia and other neighbouring countries.”
Anna, student, 25

"Georgia has all the natural resources to make tourism one of the most successful and profitable economic directions in the country. I think that compared to former years some positive steps are being taken in this field. I cannot say that the present authorities do not encourage tourism development."
Gia, manager, 28

"In my opinion tourism will develop and this is obvious. Adjara has become one of the most popular seaside regions in the Caucasus and the number of tourists and rest seekers increases from year to year. Some positive changes are expected concerning the mountainous regions too, as far as I know."
Liana, teacher, 54

"In many respects our authorities are unacceptable to me, but I can say that tourism is developing and it is being supported by the present Government."
Nodar, economist, 35

“I think that first of all we need to keep our environment clean. The sea in Batumi is everything but clean. I think no foreign tourists will come back to spend a summer at Georgia’s Black Sea coast if the water remains so polluted there.”
Mariam, unemployed, 23

“I guess we need more promotion. Most of the people I have met abroad know nothing or just a little about Georgia. While the situation remains like this I don’t think we will have a lot of tourists coming to Georgia.”
Giorgi, student, 20