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Where do you plan to spend your summer holidays?

Wednesday, July 21
“I have not got enough money to think about this but if I could I would go to the sea. Most of all I like to spend the hot days at the seaside, in the water, I like to swim very much. But unfortunately this summer I have to stay in Tbilisi.”
Anna, student, 25

“In two days I will spend my summer holidays in Turkey with my family. This will be my first visit to Turkey. I hope I will enjoy the holidays there.”
Nino, lawyer, 28

“I do not know yet, but I think it will be Batumi.”
Nelly, housewife, 35

"I have not decided yet. I want to rest in Batumi this year if my parents manage this. If not, I will go to the village in Racha, as usual."
Natia, nurse, 24

"I go to Borjomi, I go there every year and like this town very much. There is really excellent nature and air. After Borjomi I will go to Kobuleti, as we have a house there, my relatives also live nearby and I hope my holidays will be brilliant."
Guram, computer programmer, 28

"I have saved money all year and I will go to Antalya this year; I want to go there very much. As for previous years I rested either in Kobuleti or in Batumi. Batumi is also a very nice place to rest, however need some changes now."
Nino, economist, 31

"Well actually I don’t have a great choice of places to go this summer but I’m sure I’ll have great fun because I plan to spend my vacation with my friends."
Gio, journalist, 19

"This year I plan to go to Turkey – there’s always sun there and I have a wonderful vacation with my husband. It will be the most pleasant time for us, especially after the tiresome working year in Tbilisi."
Natia, interpreter, 27

“Actually I have big plans – trips to Svaneti, Samegrelo, Dusheti, Kakheti and Ajara. Let’s see if I will be able to do it all. I hope I will have enough time and finance to do so.”
Davit, IT, 26