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Thursday, July 22
Burjanadze to bring court case against Rustavi 2, Prime Time and

Leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia Nino Burjanadze will bring a court case against Rustavi 2, Prime Time and, which are accused of releasing false information about Burjanadze, Akhali Taoba writes.

The three media companies reported that Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's allies and several Russian businessmen had transferred USD 800,000 to a friend of Burjanadze’s spouse Badri Bitsadze. They claimed that this sum was then given to Bitsadze and Burjanadze used part of it to buy a new house in Tskneti. The opposition party leader categorically denies this information and says that she is not the owner of the house even though she lives there.

“This allegation is groundless,” said Burjanadze on July 15 while meeting journalists, adding that unlike other officials who own houses in Davos, Nice and other places abroad she does not own any such houses, adding that evidence of the existence of such properties will soon be released.

Burjanadze asked why the media do not report about those people who were once poor but now spend their vacations in the best hotels in the best places. Burjanadze says that she has no hope of seeing justice in the country but she will bring the case anyway.

People are detained for espionage every day

Rezonansi states that in Georgia people are detained for espionage every day. 90% of them are accused of spying for Russia.

The Counterterrorist Centre of the MIA detained Bakur Kighuradze for espionage on July 13. The case was submitted to court secretly, with no one having the right to report anything about it.

"90% of the detainees worked for Russia. Both ordinary persons and law enforcers are among the detainees," head of the Analytical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Shota Utiashvili states. Anzor Maisuradze, the former Security Minister, explains that people had ideological reasons for conducting espionage in the Soviet period but today their main motivation is financial.

"Today Russia is considered to be the enemy of Georgia. Someone who serves Russia must be arrested, and the authorities are right to do this. Certainly, those who organise provocations against us must be arrested. The President, the Government, the Cabinet, special services, the MIA, Security departments, the Ministry of Finance, the Defence Ministry and those bodies which determine the policy of the country are the primary objects of interest for foreign states’ intelligence services," Anzor Maisuradze explains.