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What kind of TV programmes would you like to see in the new season?

Thursday, July 22
“Generally I think our TV companies have very good and well-watched TV programmes and of course they are very diverse, as they have entertainment, political and morning programmes. However I would like to see more programmes about social problems and also some about the court system and justice. Those will be very useful for ordinary citizens, I think.”
Tamar, housewife, 54

“I would like to see political talk shows but not as we have them now. I want ones where the opposing sides sit together and have real debates, as they did before on Inga Grigolia's shows. This would be interesting to me.”
Beka, student, 23

“I would like to see more programmes about children, cartoons, good movies and entertainment programmes oriented on children.”
Mariam, schoolgirl, 16

“Honestly, I do not watch the Georgian TV because I do not consider it a serious and professional medium.”
Alex, businessman, 35

“Well my favourite is the Georgian soap opera “Gogona Gareubnidan”, I like this very much and am very interested in how it will end.”
Nino, student, 24

"There are some programmes I really like and want to see in the new season, like Nanuka’s Show, Vano Javakhishvili’s Show and some music shows, therefore I would like to see some new ones, but things more entertaining than political shows."
Tea, housewife, 41

"At the present moment almost all popular TV channels are oriented on scandalous news, which is something I do not like at all. It will be nice if they make some educational and useful programmes, especially for adults."
Natela, teacher, 52

"I think that nearly all TV channels and programmes are politicised , even humorous ones. I want some entertaining programmes free of politics. Some balance should be achieved and programmes with different content should be scheduled appropriately. There are at least 5-6 soap operas on each channel, which is not right."
Giorgi, historian, 39