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Monday, July 26
The opposition has lost its force

In an interview with Akhali Taoba political analyst Irakli Sesiashvili says that the opposition has lost its force along with the trust of the public. "The public do not expect anything from the opposition. It has disintegrated: some parties are real opposition, some are Government satellites and some might be either. The opposition cannot coordinate their policies or activities. I am not saying a word about the leaders. I believe many politicians who have been prominent for years must leave politics. The appearance of new political players will stimulate the opposition.

"New people will not emerge while the present ones are still there. The existing politicians seem to lack the ability to take steps which serve Georgia's national interests and the public," Irakli Sesiashvili says.

"I respect many oppositioners, including David Gamkrelidze, but he has failed to present himself as a strong politician serving the interests of the country. I regard Tiniko Khidasheli as one of the best politicians, someone who can do good things for the next generation, but there are other people in the Republican Party who have been in politics for 20-30 years. I do not have any objection to the Berdzenishvilis, but when you have been in a party for 30 years and failed to achieve anything you must leave, giving way to younger politicians," Sesiashvili says.

"Irakli Alasania is a representative of the new generation. I can say the same about Sozar Subari. But they failed to use the chance presented by the configuration they adopted at the elections," Irakli Sesiashvili adds.

Two-level tutorial system to be introduced

Rezonansi states that a two-level tutorial system will be introduced from next year. Students wanting to join the workforce and continue their education there may do so after finishing the 10th grade, while those who intend to go on to higher education must finish the 12th grade.

"I have difficulty commenting on what type of mechanism might be used to create a two-level tutorial system in Georgia. It will be good if everything is organised properly. For those who do not want to go on to higher education the existing 9 grades are enough and they will not disturb those who have further educational goals," Zurab Vakhania, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and Deputy Director of the Institute of Psychology, says.

"A two-level tutorial system will not help our schools. Firstly, the level of the present tutorial system must be improved. Tutorial programmes must be fundamentally changed. There are good enough programmes of primary education in our schools, but there must be a multi-level system like in America and Europe. The books must also be changed and teachers must be properly trained. I think it will be better to have a three-level tutorial system: primary, secondary and supplementary year education," Professor Merab Jibladze says.

"The present system is absolutely useless. One teacher teaches several subjects. If there are new tutorial programmes this will have a positive effect on education. Pupils can already receive places in Technical Institutes after finishing 9th grade. It will not be bad if some pupils continue studying before entering practical professions," Academician Tengiz Sanadze, Chairman of the NGO ‘Solidarity For Educated Georgia’ says.