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Do you think the International Court’s conclusion will influence whether states recognise Georgia’s breakaway territories?

Monday, July 26
"It has been frequently said that the two cases are not the same, so recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is excluded. I think the Kosovo precedent will not be repeated for Georgia's breakaway regions."
Nugzar, trainer, 42

"Only the most undeveloped countries have recognised the independence of Abkhazia and so- called South Ossetia. All influential and developed countries support the territorial integrity of Georgia and appeal to Russia to fulfill the 6-point ceasefire agreement. I am sure that the International Court will never recognise the Georgian breakaway regions as independent republics."
Natia, historian, 34

"Well the International Court had material saying that ethnic cleansing took place in Kosovo, and it seems that is why they made this decision. Georgians have never done this, either to Abkhazians and Ossetians or anyone else."
Nuca, manager, 29

“Well I certainly do not think so. I am a most realistic person and I do not believe that this would be possible, ever.”
Natalie, designer, 35

“I do not think so but of course I want this to be so. Unfortunately we should be more realistic and realise that these territories will never belong to Georgia again because Russia will not allow this.”
Alex, businessman, 35

“Honestly I would like to think so but it is impossible, because we can regain our breakaway territories only by starting a war with Russia because it is the main reason for our problems. However we should also understand that it has more military strength than we do. We should accept this because we have no other way.”
Nelly, lecturer, 46