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Who do you think Saakashvili wants to succeed him as President?

Tuesday, July 27
"It is not easy to say, as Saakashvili’s behaviour and thoughts are very difficult to predict. If Saakashvili decides to stay in politics after his Presidential term expires, he will not tolerate having a strong political figure as President I think."
Giorgi, historian, 41

"As far as I am aware after the confirmation of the constitutional amendments the Prime Minister will be the most influential political figure. Saakashvili has said that he wants to be the Prime Minister of Georgia and if he does it will not matter who the President of Georgia is as the functions of the President will be significantly reduced."
Tamuna, PR manager, 31

"When it was said that the constitutional changes would come into force after 2013 everything became obvious. Mikheil Saakashvili has created the Constitution acceptable for him and after 2013 we will have practically the same political system as in Russia now."
Zurad, copy editor, 45

"That person will be someone from his political team, maybe Vano Merabishvili or the present Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava."
Natia, student, 21

"I will be glad if Mikheil Saakashvli stays in politics after 2013. I appreciate him very much and think that he has done his best for Georgia’s development and advancement. He is an extremely active politician and will not be able to remain passive. As for his successor as President, it will Nika Gilauri, I think."
Natela, housewife, 54

“Everyone knows who the next President will be and it is not a secret. It will be Gigi Ugulava, the current Mayor of Tbilisi. I am not against this because I like him very much and in my opinion he is a very good Mayor. I will be glad to vote for Gigi Ugulava.”
Tamar, pensioner, 67

“I cannot give you an exact answer but I think Saakashvili is thinking about Gigi Ugulava’s candidature. I think that would be the plan, as it was in Russia, I am talking about Putin’s plan. But I am happy with our Government and President and it will be good if this plan is fulfilled, because I do not consider there should be anyone except him in power. Ugulava does his job very well and I think that as President he will be very profitable for the country, at least I hope so. But maybe I am wrong, so let’s see what will happen.”
Anna, unemployed, 54