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Wednesday, July 28
Disabled children to rest in Ureki and Borjomi

Under the decision of Tbilisi City Hall 1,300 disabled children will holiday in Ureki and Borjomi resorts from July 27.

The programme of rendering assistance to disabled children began two years ago. (Prime News)

MFA is ready to get involved in negotiations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is ready to get involved in negotiations related to the search for the children lost after a car accident in Mutso Gorge, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Nalbandov has told journalists.

Nalbandov says that at present the negotiations between the rescue departments of Georgia and Chechnya are already underway and if need be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be involved in the negotiations.

2-year-old Demetre Daiauri and 4-month-old Mamuka Arabuli were lost as a result of the road accident in Mutso Gorge on July 22. (Prime News)

President awards Ukrainian MP Order of Briliance

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has awarded Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Iakov Tabanchik the Order of Brilliance. Tabanchik was given this Presidential award for his contribution to the strengthening of Georgia-Ukraine relations, the popularisation of Georgian culture and his support for Georgian people and fruitful civil and charitable activities.

Iakov Tabanchik chairs a Subcommittee of the Parliamentary Committee for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption. (Rustavi 2)

Acting President of Moldova to visit Georgia in August

Acting President of Moldova Mikhai Gimpu will arrive in Georgia to see the Moldovan children at the Anaklia Patriot Camp, to which they have been invited by the Georgian Government as a humanitarian gesture.

The Acting President announced his plan at a meeting with the Georgian delegation in Chisinau yesterday. He said that the country has already determined who is its friend and who is not.

The first group of children from the villages damaged by recent floods will arrive in Georgia on August 6. 125 children will spend a few weeks in the patriot camp with Georgian, Belarusian and Armenian peers. (Rustavi 2)

Refurbishing of school libraries continues

Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkin has visited Tbilisi Public School number 92 and reviewed the educational-cognitive and didactic literature donated to the school library by President of the Education Professional Syndicate Tato Shavshishvili. Teachers of different subjects who also know foreign languages as well as schoolchildren interested in natural sciences will be interested in the unique, highly polygraphic books.

The refurbishing of school libraries has been initiated by the President and is one of the priorities of the Ministry. The Education Professional Syndicate was one of the first organisations to respond to this initiative of supplying public school libraries with the literature and textbooks.

Renovation of the school infrastructure is underway during the summer holidays. School libraries will be supplied with new books from the new academic year. The Ministry has thanked all organisations and individuals for their support.

The Ministry supports the school libraries by providing literature as well as textbooks and educational materials. For the first time this year, 8mln GEL has been allocated to give all vulnerable first graders textbooks. School libraries will also be supplied with textbooks and all schoolchildren will be able to use them. (Interpressnews)

Several facilities to be put up for auction on July 30

An auction of State-owned facilities will be held at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development on July 30. Among these are a building and land area of 42,667 square metres, located at 49 Chavchavadze Avenue, at an initial price of USD 14,000,000 and a dispensary in Kojori with 22,243 square metres of land at an initial price of USD 550,000. The same price will be asked for a building with a land area of 2,630 square metres at 5 Kindzmarauli Street in Tbilisi.

The auction will be held at 17:00 on July 30 at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. (Prime News)