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Wednesday, July 28
Kavtaradze: the State Constitutional Commission is lying

Theatre producer Gogi Kavtaradze states in an interview with Kviris Palitra, "The Constitution is the fundamental law of the State and cannot be amended every day. Avtandil Demetrashvili said that we could not ban Saakashvili from becoming Prime Minister because this would be a violation of human rights. Mindia Ugrekhelidze, judge of the European Court of Human Rights, said that if the Constitution says that Saakashvili cannot be in power for a third term it would not be a violation of human rights. The Government must open its eyes at last and see the mood of the people. Saakashvili should not think about prolonging his hold on power but whether he will reach the end of his Presidential term or not. I have a feeling that the people are getting ready for something serious.

"The political spectrum and the public seem to be asleep. But it will not stay this way for long. The mood of dissatisfaction within the people boils like a volcano. One fine day it will erupt. The President has abused his Ministers by calling them pieces of meat. Can the head of a country use such vocabulary? I was surprised that no one opposed the President when he said this. What does such slavery mean? How can they endure such abuse? I really cannot understand it. Have they lost their consciences? Do their posts mean everything to them? To me a hero would be one who did not endure abuse from Saakashvili," Gogi Kavtaradze says.

"Unfortunately there are not worthy people within the Government but I believe one fine day their dignity and self-respect will revive. People ask me what we intend to do in future. They are ready for battle. I do not believe that the Government is unaware of the embarrassment of the public. The opposition must realise that they will not achieve their goals without self-sacrifice. Someday the unlawful regime will dissolve anyway. First of all we must overcome fear, and then we shall gain victory by all means," Gogi Kavtaradze says.

Medvedev praises Georgians and gives four of them awards

Alia states that the Russian media cannot help expressing its astonishment at the statements about Georgia made by Russian President Medvedev on Monday in The Kremlin. The President of Russia said that he is confident that no one will ever manage to destroy the friendship between the Russian and Georgian people, because they have the experience of centuries of relations in their hearts. He was speaking at an awards ceremony at which 50 citizens of Russia were given awards, among them 4 Georgians.

The Russian media say that never before have so many Georgians been given awards at such ceremonies. Medvedev stated that "our two peoples have the experience of centuries of relations. We shall soon commemorate the day of the Georgevski Tractate, signed between Russia and Georgia in 1783."

Zurab Tsereteli was awarded the Order of Merit before Nation and Country in the first degree. Tamar Gverdtsiteli was awarded the Order of Dignity personally by Medvedev. Ana Kereselidze, the principal of the Moscow Georgian School, was awarded the Order of Friendship and thanked Medvedev on behalf of the Georgian Diaspora. "We are grateful that thanks to you students have an opportunity to learn Georgian alongside the Russian language and thus not forget their national culture and traditions," she said. Well-known coach Dimitri Mindiashvili was also awarded the Order of Dignity.

Alia tried to contact Zurab Tsereteli and Tamar Gverdtsiteli on Monday evening but they did not answer calls. Perhaps they were busy preparing for the prolonged party in The Kremlin.

As a rule, Georgian TV channels do not ignore such events. On one occasion they imputed that Paata Burchuladze was a traitor because he participated in a charity concert in Red Square in Moscow. Imedi, Rustavi-2 and GPB often come out with such propaganda, but nothing was said about Zurab Tsereteli and Tamar Gverdtsiteli on Monday. The policy of the Government TV channels seems to have changed radically in recent times.