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What kind of foreign companies you would like to see in Georgia?

Wednesday, July 28
“First of all I want to see foreign building companies here, as I do not trust Georgian companies in this field any longer. They almost never keep their world and stick to the timeframe indicated in the contract.”
Gia, computer programmer, 29

“I wanna see Chanel and Prada in Tbilisi. These are the brands wanted by the tastiest consumers and I think Tbiliselebi would be happy to have the opportunity to buy those brands' accessories and clothes in Tbilisi.”
Lali, actress, 31

“I would like to see foreign insurance companies in the country. This will be nice for the Georgian insurance market and Georgian people as well. A more suitable environment will be created and better conditions offered to customers, I think."
Natia, reporter, 24

“I have been abroad many times and there are so many brands and magazines to choose and buy. I would like H&M, that is really very cool, also Gap. I like Next and I’m glad it has opened in Tbilisi recently.”
Marika, student, 19

“Investment companies first of all, as at the present moment Georgia needs to develop its economy and serious foreign investment will be significant in this. Their coming also creates jobs and the level of unemployment will be reduced.”
Davit, economist, 48

“In my opinion tourist and investment companies should come here. Tourism is being developed in the country and Georgian tourist companies do not have serious experience in this field. They will teach those companies. As for investment, this does not need explanation I think."
Tamara, manager, 31

“I think all kinds of brands will benefit from being in Georgia if we are sure that those companies’ products are original and not from Turkey or China. It does not matter whether they sell equipment, clothes, accessories or food, what matters is its quality.”
Maia, teacher, 45