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What do you expect from President Saakashvili’s recent visits to the Ministries?

Thursday, July 29
"It seems something is going wrong with the Ministries and there are some problems, which is why the President has decided to check on them personally. I expect that some employees of will be dismissed and the number of unemployed will increase!"
Nino, cashier, 32

"Well, I expect the Ministries to work properly to avoid getting any remarks from the President. In general, I do not expect any significant changes or the replacement of any Minister at the present moment."
Natia, manager, 29

"No one is checked to see if he does his job properly. It seems our Ministries need to be checked and I am sure they do. After this it will be clearer what problems there are and what needs to be done to improve the situation."
Levan, dancer, 24

"Nothing will change. There are some Ministers and Ministries which are favoured by the President and even if there are some problems in those Ministries no changes or strong statements concerning those ministries are expected."
Giorgi, unemployed, 36

"I am not interested at all. Nothing important will change. There are some who nothing but spout slogans and unfortunately our President is among them."
Natia, hotel administrator, 25

“These visits mean that the President controls each Minister very carefully and this is good, because when I’m listening to him he talks about very important things including staff changes, future perspectives and so on. What I expect is that each Ministry will improve and whoever does not do their job, let them be dismissed from their post.”
Marika, nurse, 42

“I do not expect anything because I think that this is done in order for people to see that the President is committed to improving the country’s condition, however in reality nothing good happens. There is no need for him to advertise himself every day on TV, if he has comments or suggestions for the Ministries he should meet each Ministry’s officials privately, discuss each problem and solve it without journalists and TV cameras being present.”
Beka, student, 22