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NABUCCO future to be finalized by the end of 2010

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 2
The Head of the economic and social development centre of Azerbaijan, Vugar Bairamov thinks that the final decision for NABUCCO project should be taken before the end of this year. If a final agreement on the document is not reached by Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and the EU in 2010 the project practically will be frustrated. As is known, the NABUCCO project is supported by the EU and the USA, as an alternative project to provide Europe with natural gas from sources other than Russia. According to preliminary estimations Azerbaijan can only provide around 1/3 of the necessary natural gas while the rest should be supplied from other sources, maybe from Turkmenistan or Iraq as Bairamov suggests. However after the change of power in Turkmenistan, its position is not yet clear. Meanwhile Bulgaria and Romania are trying to get direct links with Azerbaijan via Georgia and its Black Sea ports. It is hoped many things will be clearer by the end of the year.