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Monday, August 2
UNESCO Discussed Georgia’s Cultural Heritage Issue

The issue of Georgia’s historic monuments conservation was discussed at the session of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee in Brazil.

The Georgian delegation was represented by the chief of the Georgia’s National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection Nika Vacheishvili and the ambassador of Georgia to UNESCO Mamuka Kudava.

They delivered a report on the situation of Georgia’s historic monuments and described in detail the state of the Bagrati cathedral, the conservation of which is still underway.

A joint plan was drafted by the Georgian delegation members and the UNESCO experts, to be implemented by the Georgian side during the management and the development of the Gelati Monastery Complex over next few years. (Prime-News)

Patriarch Preaches on Divine Miracles

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Illia the Second preached about divine miracles.

As Illia the Second stated after Sunday service at St. Trinity cathedral, there are cases when a miracle faces a human and he is not able to perceive it. The Patriarch said that Holy Fire is one such example of a miracle.

‘The whole world is watching. The world sees this immense miracle, but some don’t understand. Muslims, Catholics, Protestants look at it and they don’t understand,’ Illia the Second stated.

The Patriarch congratulated the parish on the Day of Remembrance of Seraphim Sarovsky that is celebrated by Orthodox world. The Patriarch blessed surnames Frangishvili and Gigiadze. (Interpressnews)

High Temperatures Forecast Until August 10

High temperatures will remain throughout Georgia until August 10.

According to the weather forecast temperatures will reach 40 degrees Celsius in the west of the country and will be 37 degrees Celsius in eastern Georgia.

In coastal regions, rain showers and cloudy days are predicted. The temperature will reach 35 degrees by Celsius. (Prime-News)

South Ossetian Separatists Release Georgian Citizens

South Ossetian separatists have already released six Georgian citizens.

Six Georgian citizens, trying to travel from the so called South Ossetia to Kareli district were detained by separatists on July 18. They were accused of illegal crossing of the so called state border.

“Due to the decision of the court, held in South Ossetia, the detainees paid small administrative fine and were released,” South Ossetian printing and information committee reports.

Due to their information released persons were warned that in case of the similar facts they would be instituted criminal proceedings. (Prime-News)

Fire in Borjomi Gorge Localized

The Fire in Borjomi Gorge has been localized, although it is not possible to extinguish it.

As the head of Forestry Department of Environmental Protection Ministry Papuna Khachidze told InterpressNews, the fire is localized on three sides and helicoters are working where the fire brigade cannot enter. About 160 firemen are working to extinguish the fire.

According to preliminary information an area of 10 hectares area is burnt. Khachidze doesn’t rule out the figure rising after the fire has been extinguished. He presumes the current heatwave caused the fire, which broke out in Borjomi gorge on Saturday. (Interpressnews)

Plutonium Container Found At Tbilisi Isotopes Institute Depository

A container full of plutonium has been found in the depository of the former building of the Tbilisi Isotopes Institute.

According to the available information the plutonium was found during the stock-take by staff of the Institute and has been kept in the container since 1968.

The Nuclear and Radioactive Security Department of the Ministry of Environment of Georgia has already been informed. The container is not damaged. (Prime-News)

Food Production Conference held at European House

A conference on the production and realization of ecologically pure foodstuffs organized by the Tera Madre Georgia Company was held at the European House in Tbilisi on July 30.

The event was attended by officials from the Tbilisi government, Ministry of Agriculture, scientists, experts from Italy, farmers and students.

Similar events are held every two years in Turin and are attended by representatives of various countries. (Prime-News)