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Name your reasons why not to trust Russia

Monday, August 2
Well actually I could name lots of reasons to prove my mistrust towards Russia among which the non-recognition policy of Georgian independence would be the most important.
Ilia, lawyer, 25

Russia is a country with imperialist governance – that is my main reason against the country. What’s more the head of the federation is leading an outdated policy which is definitely useless in today's modern civilization.
Akaki, pensioner, 69

I am absolutely neutral towards all countries as a whole but being a Georgian makes me be more skeptical towards this country than any other statehood. The main reason for mistrusting Russia has been the August War in 2008 which has affected our country and our citizens morally and physically and made thousands of people homeless. That’s enough reasons for me for not trusting Russia and its tyrannical governance.
Eka, sociologist, 48

It is the easiest thing to name reasons why Russia can be considered as the most unreliable country. I am historian and there are too many examples even in our history, when Russia cheated us. They have always been disguised in a mask of peace defenders; but in reality they have always had selfish and invasive plans towards Georgia and some other small or big countries.
Giorgi, Historian, 55

I'll just name the latest fact when Russia broke its promise. As the entire world knows, Russia signed the ceasefire document mediated by French side and promised its military forces' withdrawal from Georgian territory. How the Russian rulers and forces fulfilled this promise, is well known by everyone.
Tamar, Teacher, 28

Russia keeps promises when it is in Russian interests – this is confirmed many times over. At the present moment Russian authorities claim that they are ready for collaborations with the Georgian side, but at the same time they are making some controversial statements. This country has always had authorities for whom other countries interests have been less important and unacceptable.
Davit, Engineer, 35