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Which products, local or imported, do you buy and why?

Wednesday, August 4
Well, there are many products everyone has to buy, from those used everyday to what we wish to eat. I buy local ones, if they can be trusted. I consider whether they can be trusted and if it is confirmed by according institutions. Meat, eggs, butter, sea products and such kinds of products are always local and wine of course. As for hygiene products they are mostly of foreign origin.
Giorgi, Engineer, 41

I love cheese and caviar very much; I often buy them and they are always imported. As I do not trust Georgian manufacturers in this field, especially concerning caviar. As for cheese, Georgian ones are very tasty but there is no variety and the choice is limited.
Natia, Manager, 32

I frequently buy Georgian milk products and think that they are really trustworthy. I never buy Georgian made juices as I do not know how natural they are. I have tasted them but compared with, for example Russian ones, they are not acceptable for me.
Tamuna, Housewife, 34

Well actually I must say that I prefer buying imported products but only those from European countries not from Asian ones. The markets are full of Georgian things which I don’t unfortunately find very attractive. I hope everything will change in near future and we, Georgians will learn how to make high quality products.
Ia, teacher, 28

From local food I usually buy milk products and meat and general food products while I prefer imported clothes and electrical equipment as there’s no industry in Georgia oriented in these fields.
Nino, interpreter, 25

“It would be great if Georgia could produce all the kinds of products the consumer wants, however it is not so. I buy dairy products, oil and flour produced in Georgia, however as for the chocolate, juice, tea, coffee, etc I buy imported ones. I once tasted Georgian tea but it was so terrible I did not drink even a cup. But we have potential to produce our tea, so why not? It’s up to the government to take care of this issue.”
Vakhtang, sportsman, 25

“Mainly we buy imported goods for the family, because I do not trust Georgian goods. The only thing I trust is meat, sausages, etc.”
Nana, teacher, 51

“Mainly I try to buy Georgian, local goods because these are more trusted than imported goods. But we need many goods which are not produced in Georgia, so we have to buy imported, there's no alternative.”
Giorgi, student, 22