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Friday, August 6
New Chief for Tourism department

The contest of choosing a new head of the department of tourism was won by the 26-year-old Maia Sidamonidze, announced the Minister of economy and sustainable development. Sidamonidze now lives in London, UK and will return to Georgia in mid-August.

As Minister Kobalia noted, Sidamonidze has education in this particular field as well as experience in this sector. Kobalia said that Sidamonidze’s project on how to develop tourism in Georgia was distinguished from others as she had detailed plans of tourism development, local tourism and to popularise tourism abroad. (The Messenger)

Georgian President rewards citizens for extinguishing fires

The Georgian President has personally awarded Orders of Honour and medals to citizens for their active participation in putting out the fire in Borjomi Gorge. Among those rewarded is 12th -grade schoolboy Mikheil Gogaladze, who helped the rescuers and fire fighters everyday to save the woods.

Awards have been handed to representatives of separate and mixed air squadrons of the Defence Ministry; the Fire Department of the Emergency Situations Department of the Interior Ministry; the specialist of the territorial entity of Tba village of Borjomi municipality; residents of Borjomi municipality; representatives of the Georgian Environment Protection and Natural Resources and members of the technical-material department of Borjomi municipality. (Rustavi 2)

Members of Tbilisi City Assembly pay tribute to fallen soldiers

Members of Tbilisi City Assembly paid their tributes Thursday to the soldiers killed in the Russia-Georgian war in August 2008. They started a sitting yesterday with a minute's silence to commemorate the fallen soldiers. The members of the assembly recalled the events of two years ago. All wore badges of poppies as symbols of the Week of Memory for the fallen soldiers.

'The fact that everyone is wearing a badges of poppies as symbols of memory, demonstrates that these heroes are and will always be in our hearts,' Zaal Samadashvili, Chair of Tbilisi City Assembly said. (Rustavi 2)

Prime Time Georgian newspaper starts Week of Memory for fallen soldiers

Prime Time Georgian newspaper has started a Week of Memory. The newspaper has published a book named Hero, containing the biographies of 169 soldiers and civilians killed in the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008.

A presentation of the book accompanied by famous Georgian composer Gia Kancheli's vocal-instrumental composition will be held today, Friday August 6.

Prime Time has also decided to make a badge of poppies as a symbol of the Week of Memory. The badges will be handed out to citizens and representatives of different offices.

'It is very important for us that there were heroes among us, who sacrificed themselves for each of us,' Founder of Prime Time Tamar Pkhakadze said at the briefing on Thursday. (Rustavi 2)

Wildfire continues raging in woods in Atskuri village

A wildfire continues raging in the woods in the village of Atskuri, Akhaltsikhe district. Four new fire sources appeared in the wood on Wednesday night. The fire has consumed an area of about 15 hectares. Rescuers are being hampered in their work at the scene due to the strong wildfire.

Georgian Environmental Minister arrived in Atskuri on Wednesday evening. Helicopters and specialists of the Forest Department as well as the Environmental inspectors are at the site. Localization of the fire is being hampered by high temperatures and the wind. (Rustavi 2)

Daniel Ortega to Visit Tskhinvali

President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega promised Tskhinvali regime leader Eduard Kokoity to visit Tskhinvali on 20 September – Ria Novosti reports.

Kokoity told Ria Novosti that Ortega will visit Tskhinvali on the 20th anniversary of declaration of independence of ‘the republic’.

Kokoity also invited the President of Venezuela to the holiday.

‘We received approval from Daniel Ortega. Hugo Chavez has also promised to visit South Ossetia soon, but since parliamentary elections will take place in Venezuela on 23 September, he cannot take part in the 20 September events here. But anyway, both leaders will visit our republic,’ Kokoity said.

The Council of People’s Deputies of the South Ossetian Autonomous Region declared the South Ossetian Soviet Democratic Republic on Sept. 20, 1990.

Abkhazian and so-called South Ossetian independence have been recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru. (Interpressnews)

Tskhinvali Regime Releases Georgian Citizen

Tskhinvali regime released a Georgian citizen who was detained three days ago, agency Res reports.

Tskhinvali regime informs that Zaza Okropiridze was ousted from so-called South Ossetian territory yesterday and handed over to the deputy head of Shida Kartli regional department, Shalva Tramakidze.

Zaza Okropiridze (born in 1987) was detained by Russian occupants on 2nd August for violation of the so-called South Ossetian border in village Disevi, Tskhinvali region and handed over to the Tskhinvali regime's so-called State Security Committee. (Interpressnews)