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Friday, August 6
Turkish business under pressure in Abkhazia

A Turkish college was closed in Abkhazia because of a crisis. Also under threat is the Tkvarcheli coal industry, which is founded by a Turkish company, the chief of which is a Turkish citizen, Rezonansi writes.

Turkish companies are not allowed to export wood and scrap iron from Abkhazia. The Head of the Expert Club, Levan Kiknadze says that today Turkish business is under pressure from Abkhazia..

As for the college closure, so-called Abkhazia’s minister of education Indira Vardania said that this college has the right to operate and its closure was not decided by the ministry.

Levan Kiknadze states that in previous years this college has had serious financial problems but it was not closed then. It has been closed now because of Russia’s interest. The expert connects the industry problems with the Russians.

Gigi Tevzadze tipped as next Education Minister

One of the founders of the Public Assembly Elizbar Javelidze states in his interview with Akhali Taoba says that there is scandal surrounding the Minister of Education Dimitri Shashkin, as according to information released he is no longer considered a pleasant person for Saakashvili’s government.

Javelidze thinks that confrontation between Liberty Institute and Shashkin began when Shashkin decided to take the ministry under liberty institute’s influence and control.

He commented further that the education sector has been under the complete control of the Liberty Institute since the Rose Revolution. Now As Shashkin tries to weaken Liberty Institute’s influence they want Gigi Tevzadze (Rector of Ilia University) to be appointed education minister, causing a confrontation between Shashkin and the Ministry. The fact that Tevzadze will be next minister is also a very real topic for the government officials.

Shameful results in National Exams

Such bad results at in the national exams are unprecedented, Rezonansi reports. A large number of students have been failed. The only explanation would seem to be a low education level in schools.

As experts comment graduates' lack of knowledge is the result of teachers' poor quality of education and weak teaching skills. Head of the national examination centre, Maia Mininoshvili stated that preparation levels of graduates has worsened this year and the education ministry has many tasks to do in that area. As there was a problem in technical subjects, Miminoshvili added that the level of learning in mathematics, physics and chemistry should be improved at schools.