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Do you think the State pays enough attention to IDP’s?

Friday, August 6
No. I have relatives persecuted from one of the villages in the conflict region, presently living in the Tserivani settlement. There are many problems there which could be very easily solved by the authorities, for example electricity issues, but such kinds of communal problems still exist.
Gia, Engineer, 46

I think that the authorities pay them enough attention. There have been too many cases when they received confirmed living places from the government. There also were cases when refugees had to leave some buildings, however they were given alternative flats.
Natia, Bank Employee, 28

In some areas government policy towards IDP’s is acceptable, however there are certain issues which must be taken into consideration while talking about refugees. The Government states that there is no need for special projects for refugees as this complicates their re-integration process. Well, if you leave them without assistance when there are no job opportunities in the country, how might they be re-integrated? And more can happen; those people might die from hunger or diseases.
Giorgi, Sociologist, 54

IDPs from Shida Kartli - yes, because they are new ones, but IDPs from Abkhazia - NO, it's an old story already.
Nino, Political Analyst, 25

I think the Government has somehow oriented to the IDPs affected by the August War in 2008 supposing them to be “their” IDPs…There have definitely been some projects implemented for their sake but there is still much to be done not only for those families but the ones who were displaced from Abkhazia in 1990s.
Laura, pensioner, 71

The Government is trying to encourage the IDPs through the state projects and grants aimed at their integration into the society. Nothing can actually erase their pain, it's natural but still I can see the changes in their self confidence because the state respects them.
Dito, student, 21