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Parliament Chairman opens construction of Valdaz Adamkus Boulevard

By Salome Modebadze
Monday, August 9
Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Davit Bakradze opened construction of the Boulevard named after the former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus in Anaklia on August 7. Thanking Adamkus for the attention towards Georgia during the August war in 2008, Bakradze recalled the merit of the former President for the international support. “Presidents of our friend countries came to Georgia to demonstrate their support for our country. It was a support which might have cost them their lives. In the moments when any Georgian might have doubted our fate, President Valdas Adamkus was confident in our future. That’s why he came to Georgia during the Russian aggression and that’s why he is here with us now,” Bakradze told the public in Anaklia.

Bakradze emphasised that the Black Sea resort of Anaklia, which is close to the administrative boundary of occupied Abkhazia will become one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia in a couple of years. “The fact that the new boulevard in Anaklia will have a name of a person who has done his best for day breaking “tomorrow” for Georgia is really symbolic and the Georgian people will always be grateful for his actions. Anaklia is proof of the fact that Georgia has survived and it continues to develop,” he added. Thanking Bakradze for his praise, Valdas Adamkus encouraged the country to follow the path to freedom as the guarantee to democratisation and independence.

“I am extremely honored to be here with you today and this is a very meaningful, very historic moment. I believe that the direction of life, which you have selected in this country is free, determined, vital and best represents symbolically the project you are carrying out right here. I think this road, this direction is leading us all to friendship. This is a symbol of you as a free country in the world’s free society. You have proved that you are a free nation and want to live in a free country. What is going on in Georgia now demonstrates that you want to work and build not only for yourselves but future generations. This region has decided to develop. To the end of my life I’ll remain your friend and I believe your whole nation will be working together to achieve the one purpose that is freedom,” said the former President.

Opening the “Freedom Boulevard” in Ganmukhuri, another resort at the boundary of the Russian occupied Abkhazia, the Chairman of Parliament of Georgia said the “Freedom Boulevard” starts in the occupied zone but it will by all means end in Abkhazia. “The “Freedom Boulevard” will unite Georgians, Ossetians and Abkhazians under the united statehood because we have one unique country with the same history and a future in which we don’t need any walls or wires. This is the “tomorrow” of our country aimed at creating free and deserving future unity and welfare for all the ethnical groups living in our country,” Bakradze stated. The modern and improved Ganmukhuri [which had been the main target for the Russian occupants in August 2008] is the best response to Georgia’s enemies according to the Parliament Chairman.

“It’s impossible to make Georgia go down on its knees even using tanks, force and fire because it’s a free country with worthy people. Today’s Ganmukhuri is the symbol of Georgia’s survival and further development,” said the Chairman.

At a special rally called “Dignity and Freedom” commemorating the IDPs and fallen soldiers, Bakradze remembered the two dangers which the Georgian people and the Government have dealt with. The danger of the loss of our statehood which we faced two years ago was overcome by the heroism of the Georgian army which was united against the enemy trying to devastate our country. Talking about the twenty-year struggle for the lost territories, Bakradze encouraged the public to continue fighting for independence. “A fight always has its heroes. A hero is a soldier who defends his country with arms; a policeman who dies for order; a journalist who joins the frontline with a camera and a microphone; a hero is a man who scarifies his life to Georgia,” Bakradze said paying a minute's silence in remembrance of the fallen soldiers.

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Vera Kobalia called Anaklia and Ganmukhuri “the path to Abkhazia.” “Georgia should be economically strong in order to get back the lost territories. We should all have opportunities to make money for covering the communal taxes. Anaklia and Ganmukhuri are definitely the first steps towards Abkhazia as the investors who arrive here will become attracted by the beauty of the places, invest more money in the region and create more jobs for the local people aimed at strengthening the entire country. This is how we will return Abkhazia through Anaklia and Ganmukhuri,” explained Kobalia.

Saying we are all IDPs before all the displaced people will be returned to their homes Davit Bakradze said that eventually there will be reconstruction activities in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali just as in the rest of Georgia, and they will reunified with the country. Encouraging the public to unite under one particular goal, Bakradze stressed he aimed at rebuilding the two breakaway regions.