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What is your opinion on the 2nd anniversary of the Russian invasion of Georgia?

Monday, August 9
I still feel anger towards Russia, till now they are dong their best to grab our territories. There are problems in Russia with fires yet Medvedev visited Abkhazia Ė I don't think that is normal behaviour. However they will have to answer what they have done towards Georgia very soon.
Giorgi, Soldier, 25

Well itís quite difficult for me either to analyze or summarize the Georgian-Russian war of 2008 because it was a terrible event which has destroyed our lives. The only thing I would like to stress is that all the young people who fell in the battle are real heroes because they sacrificed their lives to their country.
Mamuka, Doctor, 45

The situation between Georgia and Russia and their concerns about Abkhazia and South Ossetia have actually remained the same as in 2008. Georgia blames Russia while Russia does the opposite. The August War hasnít brought us Georgians anything except pain and I just wish this would all end and the peace would celebrate in our hearts.
Nukri, Pensioner, 70

It is a very painful day for me, as I lost very close people in that war, not just people, heroes. One thing I can say is that I see some positive moves towards resolving the conflict. Foreign countries are more involved in this issue than a year ago and Russia is making some serious mistakes, especially in South Ossetia. I hope that we will manage to reintegrate our land.
Nato, Manager, 34

I consider that Georgia has some serious success on international stage regarding the conflict issue. Georgia is able to involve many international countries and organizations in resolving the conflict and strengthens its position on international stage. I am sure, Russian ruling forces will regret what they committed in Samachablo.
Davit, Historian, 61

I canít stop being angry at our President Mikheil Saakashvili who could have been wiser with Russia and might have avoided the tragedy. Hundreds of people died in the war which had no particular results for our country but I will always pray for the souls of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their homeland.
Malkhaz, Driver, 36

It was one of the most tragic days in our history and Georgia should not repeat the situation again in the country. I don't think it will be easy to reintegrate those territories in the short term perspective and based on the present situation Georgian authorities should pay more attention to IDPs.
Nugzar, physicist, 53

Two years have passed and the situation as regards refugees returning to their homes has not changed. It seems Georgiaís strategy until now has not been appropriate. I am glad that lately Georgia is taking more notice of international remarks and recommendations, I am sure that way would be more profitable for us.
Ana, Sociologist, 28