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Big prospects for Supsa Port

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 11
Major construction works have started at Supsa and it is expected to be ready by 2012. An area covering 180 hectares will contain all the necessary infrastructure, cargo terminal and storage. The port owner is Black Sea Product. According to its general director, Shalva Tsakadze it will become Georgia’s first port. At the point where the Supsa River enters the Black Sea has a depth of 18-20 meters, which is not the case in the current Georgian ports. Neither of the present Georgian ports has a capacity of that much depth. The greater depth will give the port the advantage of being able to accept any vessels that will enter the Black Sea through the Bosporus; it will be able to accept oil tankers as well as liquid gas carriers. The port will also serve wheat transportation and it will have special service for vehicles. A special railway line will be constructed connecting the port with Ureki railway station. There will be a serious inflow of investment into in the country for the Supsa port construction and by 2012 when the port will be open more than USD 800 million will have been invested. This will further increase and reach more than 1 billion as the infrastructure of the port is completed by 2015. Almost 2 500 people will work in the port; presumably most of them will be locals.

Batumi and Poti ports don't consider Supsa will be a direct competitor; each port and terminals has its own destinations, clients and business.