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Wednesday, August 11
Migration processes in Abkhazia

Abkhazians are leaving Russia’s recognised ‘independent’ country of Abkhazia and going to other CIS countries to live, Mteli Kvira writes. A number of Abkhazians have come to Georgia. According to the official statistics, during the last year, more than 500 Abkhazians have come to Georgia and received Georgian citizenship.

Head of Abkhazia’s autonomous republic in exile Gia Baramia explains that the decrease in the Georgian population in Abkhazia was caused by ethnic cleansing and forced deportation.

“Abkhazians themselves told me that about 45 000 Abkhazians live in Abkhazia today and that is double the number in other nations,” Baramia said.

Analyst in Caucasian issues Mamuka Areshidze says that the migration of Abkhazians and Russians is directly correlated with social issues. “The arrival of Russians in Abkhazia was not massive, but following talk about the Sochi Olympic Games that would be held near Abkhazia and the start of construction, Russian workers started to arrive.”

Analyst Paata Zakareishvili says that obviously Abkhazians are in minority in Abkhazia compared with other ethnic groups. He also mentioned the problem of the Abkhazian language but added it is not on the agenda as a serious demographic problem. “Georgian authorities have a chance to conduct a correct policy towards Abkhazia. We have a time to offer a decent state and a decent life style to Abkhazia,” Zakareishvili said.

Why Georgians should leave Russia

Georgian emigrant Mikehil Nanobashvili, a well known singer had to sing in the Grand Opera in Paris. This concert was attended by Russia’s representative. Nanobashvili came on stage and stated: Today, here is the representative of the country which bloodied Georgia’s freedom. That’s why until he leaves I will not sing the aria. The audience whistled at the Russian and he left the opera hall.

It is extremely important that Georgians living abroad act like that. It is not fair for Russian politicians and not only politicians to feel comfortable and conduct themselves freely; any kind of action should be protested by Georgians, Malkhaz Pataraia, chairman of the public organization "Dabruneba" ("Return") states in his interview with Akhali Taoba, an organisation that aims to represent interests of Georgian displaced persons.

“We should not allow the world to forget our problem. Russians should permanently feel our feelings towards the August events. If we work correctly it is quite possible for all Georgians to leave Russia. Russia should feel what Russia without Georgians means. We should also think where will so many Georgians go? Who would want to return? If anyone has business, I request that they take this business outside Russia,” Pataraia said.

“It is not allowed to speak on patriotism of your country and on the other hand to sing Russian and its army,” Pataraia added.