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Do you think street vendors should be banned in Tbilisi?

Wednesday, August 11
I think yes, because such street vending objects are unsanitary in many places in Tbilisi, which is not acceptable visually or from the point of healthcare.
Natia, Student, 21

Well, I do not support street vending; there are no civilized countries with such situation in street. In addition, in summer, when it is so hot, selling some products like meat is strongly unacceptable.
Khatuna, Computer Programmer, 31

I really feel sorry for those people have to sell something in streets, but it is not acceptable, especially when Georgia wants to be a developed and civilized country. Some places should be allocated for them, which will be acceptable for them and will not have to pay much for those places.
Nikoloz, Economist, 42

There is one such street vending object in front of my house; it really irritates me and makes me feel uncomfortable. There is horrible smell nearby my house. I agree with Mayoral decision concerning this, however, they should satisfy those people with alternative places.
Giga, Manager, 32

Well actually street vending is absolutely unacceptable to me as a doctor, because the hygienic norms are always violated in such cases but Iím really sorry for all those people who stand in the heat and try to get some tetris for their large families. I wish they could have some choiceÖ
Lali, Doctor, 48

Yes, indeed!!! Georgia is a European country which should follow the international standards.
Irakli, Musician, 24

I think street vending is actually dangerous for people who buy things in cheaper prices there. There are lots of small and large super markets which have almost the same prices but still people prefer street vendors. I canít understand the reason but I think it comes from the Soviet times Ė we are just used to nonsense and canít get rid of the old ideologies.
Tina, Pensioner, 65