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Unemployment top problem in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 12
NDI research published at the end of July showed that the public views unemployment as the most acute social problem of Georgian population. 65% of those asked consider unemployment as the most dramatic issue for their families and as the number one problem in Georgia. The figure has risen from NDI research conducted in December 2009, when 57% of those asked stated unemployment was number one.

47% of those questioned think that the unemployment issue has developed dramatically since the presidential elections of 2008. 71% of the respondents stated that they are unemployed and 59% of respondents believe that politicians are not concerned about the unemployment issue.

Official statistics acknowledge an unemployment rate of just 17% in the country, claiming that there are only 329 000 unemployed. These statistics however do acknowledge that after September 2008 more than 200 000 people lost their jobs.