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Thursday, August 12
Vakho Komakhidze will finish his movie in Switzerland

Head of NGO 'Former political prisoners for human rights', Nana Kakabadze returned from Switzerland where she met Vakhtang Komakhidze who was recently granted political asylum by Switzerland, Akhali Taoba writes.

“Now he can move freely in Switzerland as well as in other countries, except Georgia, Kakabadze says. “So, Vakho decided to finish his movie which was the reason he left for Switzerland. As he discovered there are about 2000 Georgians in the place where Vakho is, who are seeking political asylum. This is the largest number of political asylum seekers and is catastrophic because Switzerland grants political asylum to only 4-5 persons a year, if any,” Kakabadze says.

“I will do my best to show this movie to Georgians. Vakho is going to describe the reality of what has happened in Georgia recently. This is not propaganda but this is reality based on real facts, what kind of days the Georgians and Ossetians had and we will show the unhappiness in those days. Vakho has large number of audio and video tapes, which will soon be shown,” Kakabadze says. She added that there are some details which are not yet available to the public. “He has very interesting materials and that’s why he was under such pressure. This movie will soon be complete and we will see everything,” she added.

National Guard Chief – Vacancy unfilled

Rezonansi writes that according to Georgian legislation the Chief of National Guard is being appointed by the President of Georgia. Mikheil Saakashvili has had one month to decide on whom to appoint to the post, which expired on August 9. As Saakashvili did not name any of the candidates National Guard still does not have a chief.

Saakashvili who has yet not returned to the country will presumably name the person after his arrival, however President’s press office was unable to name the date of his arrival.

“As far as I know there is a lack of professional staff. The authorities recognise that an ordinary civilian cannot be a competitive chief in this post. Moreover this is not a political post but a purely military position. One reason why a new chief has not been named so far is a lack of professional staff, as it is very difficult to find a person who will be able to make proper decisions and develop the system which is necessary for the National Guard,” commented military analyst Giorgi Melitauri.