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How can Georgia make peace with Russia?

Thursday, August 12
It is a very complicated issue. Nothing will come about if both sides do not express a readiness for this. There are some issues which cannot be settled by one side only.
Gia, Economist, 41

The Georgian side should not make any hurried and silly statements, as the authorities have done. Russia is one of the most influential and largest countries of the world and it would not be difficult for it to annihilate Georgia. Georgia should follow the international plans towards Russia and if foreign countries and international organisations make it concede; this will be positively reflected on Georgia as well.
Levan, Historian, 34

If the present ruling forces of Russia, especially Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, leave their posts and a pro-western leader comes to power in Russia, it will be very significant step forward for Georgian-Russian relations regulation. I cannot say that we have a very sensible government, but I don't think our authoritiesí replacement will change anything.
Natia, Teacher, 28

Both states should be interested in the issue. At the present moment the Georgian authorities and Russians are making only statements that they are ready for collaborations, while at the same time they criticize each other.
Tamuna, Student, 21

I think it will be difficult to make peace with Russia nowadays because peace needs readiness from both countries to start anew in cooperation. But unfortunately the leaders of both countries have their personal grudges against each other thus no peace will be achieved yet.
Irma, Sociologist, 28

Well actually peace is a subject of cooperation among the states which can be achieved over generations. The Georgia-Russia war in August 2008 has had a negative impact on the two countries internal cooperation which Iím afraid even a change of Governments wonít improve.
Akaki, Pensioner, 67