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Friday, August 13
Georgian students release lanterns for memory of fallen heroes

On Wednesday 11th August Georgian students held a symbolic rally as part of the Week of Remembrance for soldiers killed in the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008. About 500 young people from 24 universities participated in the rally that was organised by the students' self-governing body of Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The students released lanterns into the sky from Rose Revolution Square in the centre of Tbilisi on Wednesday night.

The young people drew a map and the national flag of Georgia on the square and attached lanterns along their outlines. As darkness fell, they released the lanterns with the names of the heroes killed in the August war.

The students said the rally was a symbol for the future generation and its intention was to immortalise the Georgian heroes fallen in the war. (Rustavi 2)

Respects paid to Dutch victim of August War

At the Embassy of the Netherlands respects were paid to the memory of the Dutch journalist who was killed during the August war.

The event was organised by the journalistsí union and the international organization 'Solidarity'.

The members of the journalistsí union lit candles to pay respect to the memory of the journalist. In addition they appealed to Tbilisi City Hall and the Embassy of the Netherlands to Georgia to erect a bust of the journalist in the 9 April Park. (Interpressnews)

Burjanadze slams US Congressman John McCain

Ex-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Nino Burjanadze discussed internal political problems, Georgia's economic situation and the country's foreign relations at a press conference held in Prime Time Media Club on Wednesday.

The leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia said she is going to intensify her political activity together with the National Assembly. The ex-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament also slammed U.S. Congressman John McCain at the press conference.

"I wonder where McCain saw rule of law in Georgia. I can join him when he says he feels indignant at the raids on peaceful protest rallies in Georgia, but why does he not write about raids in Georgia when, for example at the rally on May 6, law enforcers badly hurt the heads of protesters in Tbilisi," Burjanadze said. (Rustavi 2)

Tbilisi Mayor Meets Georgian Businesswomen's Association

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava met with members of the Georgian Association of Businesswomen.

The meeting was also attended by Goga Tskhakaia, head of the Revenue Service of the Finance Ministry. Gigi Ugulava and Goga Tskhakaia introduced the new Tax Code to the businesswomen. In addition problems with small and medium businesses were discussed at the meeting.

According to Nino Zautashvili, head of the Georgian Association of Businesswomen, this is their second meeting with the Tbilisi Mayor.

The meeting was attended by 14 businesswomen, including InterpressNews Editor-in-chief, Baia Tsanava. (Interpressnews)

Locals and firefighters extinguish forest fires in Southern Georgia

Fire fighters and local residents were able to extinguish a fire in the forest on Dertseli Mountain in Adigeni district in the southern part of Georgia. Locals noticed the fire at 6 a.m. The locals called the department of emergency situations and started fighting the disaster themselves until firefighters arrived at the scene. They were soon able to localise the fire.

An area of only one hectare was damaged by the fire. A disaster was easily prevented as the area was fortunately one in which the fire could not easily spread. (Rustavi 2)

Fires break out close to Tbilisi

Fires broke out Wednesday in the towns of Saguramo and Mtskheta in the vicinity of Tbilisi. Several fire brigades were mobilised at the scene. For now, both fires have been nearly been extinguished.

Representatives of the Emergency Services said an area of 2 hectares was burning in the Narekvavi district of Mtskheta town, while trees and grass were burning over 4-5 hectares of territory in Saguramo on territory owned by the Georgian Water and Powers Company. Additional brigades were sent from Tbilisi to Mtskheta to fight the disaster.

Experts say the fires could have been caused by negligence, although high temperatures may also have caused the ignition. Firefighters consider there may be another reason for the outbreak of the fire in Mtskheta: they say the fire could have been caused by a generator exploding. (Rustavi 2)