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Friday, August 13
Crocodile breeding business in Georgia

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that Georgia has an opportunity to develop the business of exotic animals in the country. Irakli Chokolaia, representative of Pazi Plant – a research centre based company says Georgia has 99% of the required potential for a crocodile business. Chorkolia said that the Pazi Company brought 4 crocodile eggs from Argentina; those crocodiles born from the eggs were in Samegrelo region and all had adjusted to climate and environment. Thermal waters are necessary for crocodiles to grow. Chokolaia says there is store of such waters in the village of Tsaishi and the company has a hope that this will help them to carry out their business in Samegrelo. This will give opportunity for Georgia to export crocodile meat and skins. Additionally keeping crocodiles is not costly as this exotic animal needs just GEL 10 worth of meat during a week.

An aged 3 crocodile yields 12-18 kg meat which costs Euro 60 per kilo on the international market. As for crocodile skin it is used widely among fashion designers; one crocodile skin costs Euro 500 on the 'black market’, while licensed skins sell for around Euro 1000 per crocodile.

Around the world there are crocodile farms in Africa, Australia, Thailand, USA and Indonesia.

Officials, veterans pay tribute to soldiers killed in Russia-Georgia war

Rezonansi writes that Representatives of the Georgian Healthcare Ministry and the Veterans' Department paid tribute to the memory of 17 Georgian soldiers of Senaki brigade, who were heroically killed in the village of Shindisi in Shida Kartli Region in the Russia-Georgian war in August 2008.

On August 11, 2008 the Georgian soldiers were besieged by Russians, resisting them for several hours. The Russian soldiers were able to take up the positions only after having bombed them.

Family members and relatives of the killed soldiers assembled in Shindisi on Wednesday. Representatives of the Veterans' Department handed over certificates and gifts to two local residents - Juna Beruashvili and Badri Khutsishvili.