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How realistic is it that Russia will fulfill the 6-point cease-fire agreement?

Friday, August 13
Russia will never fulfill this agreement. If Russian ruling forces will follow this agreement they will have to leave the occupied regions, which is not in Russian international plans. Russia wants to be dominant in Caucasus, which is very significant area and it very much needs those regions.
Gia, Sociologist, 61

Unfortunately, I do anticipate Russia will fulfill this agreement. As far as I understand from TV, Russia is strengthening its military bases and armament in the occupied regions. If it behaves like this, it means that it does not intend to leave those regions, isnít it?
Natia, Teacher, 34

It is difficult to say, it is not easy to forecast politics in my opinion. Russiaís being and dominance in the Caucasus is not in international interests and I am sure, step by step, foreign influenced countries and organisations will make Russia concede and fulfill that agreement.
Davit, Manager, 25

As far as I can see Russia is still avoiding the fulfillment of the six-point agreement imposed by the International Community. Unfortunately Iím not at all optimistic about Russiaís contribution to Georgian society Ė was it not exactly the Russian Federation which invaded the Georgian territories in 2008? How would it change its concern for Georgia even in two years time, I wonder?
Elene, Musician, 42

I think Russia is trying to be more responsible to the international community in various ways which means that the country has realised Georgiaís role in the civilised world and tries to be more careful not to lose its international ties.
Irakli, Architect, 29

I donít actually think Russia will ever fulfill the ceasefire agreement. On the contrary it has started blaming Georgia as being the aggressor which is the total nonsense. Both countries are claiming they were right in August War but I wish the International Community would clarify the truth.
Manana, Teacher, 53