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Some issues of Armenian nuclear power station

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 16
The construction of a new nuclear power station in Metsamor, Armenia will start in 2012 and finish in 2018. The recommended date for the existing nuclear power station to cease operating is January 5, 2016. Head of the state committee of nuclear security regulation, Ashot Martirosian stated that a special programme should be worked out to prolong the functioning of the existing nuclear power station for a further 2-3 years, so that it is operational until the new power station is launched. Experts consider that the existing power station has enough reserves and potential to function safely for several more years. Although Yerevan undertook a commitment to shut down the present nuclear power station before 2016, it seems new approaches are now being considered.

Analysts in Georgia controversially assess the situation; some believe it to be safe, while others highlight the possible dangers. It is expected that during the visit of Russian President Medvedev to Yerevan on August 19, a special agreement will be signed with Russian state corporation Rosatom for the construction of a new nuclear power station in Armenia.