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Chechen president renames himself

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 16
On August 12, Chechen president Ramzan Kadirov stated that there is only one president in Russia, therefore the top members of different entities should have different titles such as head of the republics, head of the administrations, governors. As for himself he is willing to accept any term regarding his position other than president. Chechen Mufti Sultan Mirzaev stated that Kadirov could use the term Imam, which in Arabic means the First. He is the first among his people so Ramzan Kadirov is their Imam. Thus, if this recommendation is accepted by the Chechen people and presumably the Russian leadership, Kadirov may become an Imam. According to the latest information, the Chechen parliament recommended that Ramzan Kadirov be given the title 'Head of the Administration'. This decision should be approved by the parliament in its regular session in September.