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What do you think of the deployment anti aircraft missiles S- 300 by Russia in Abkhazia?

Monday, August 16
I think that Saakashvili will not even think to restore constitutional order in the breakaway regions any more.
Irakli, Engineer, 27

Well actually I think Russia is making a “privatization” of Abkhazia by means of showing its influence over the breakaway region. This act is definitely a kind of warning to the Georgian Government to just “keep quiet”.
Tornike, Lawyer, 35

To be fair I’m not so closely familiar with the Russian-Abkhazian issues but I know that Russia has been trying to exert its power on the breakaway region of Georgia for ages. It was exactly Russia that encouraged Abkhazia to fight against Georgia – it’s a historical “root” and it’s no surprise that this very country is trying to provoke the Georgian side against Abkhazia and spread spite between them.
Tamara, Teacher, 54

The first and main reason for Russia to deploy anti-aircraft missiles in Abkhazia was to intimidate Georgia, to my mind. But I wonder how Abkhazia is going to use the missiles when no aircrafts fly in their skies except from their own…There’s no air forces in Georgia so Abkhazia shouldn’t be at all afraid of us.”
Giorgi, Footballer, 22

“That means that Russia is going to carry out another aggression against Georgia and these are preparation works. It will not its stop aggressive moves until the whole of Georgia is in its hands, but this will never happen!”
Maka, Student, 19

“I think Russia is getting on Georgians nerves and trying to threaten us. But, for the time being, I do not think it plans to attack us. What will be in future no one knows. One thing is clear, Russia is interested what kind of response we and our partner countries will have. I think the US as well as Europe should have a satisfactory reaction and condemn the deployment of such anti-aircraft missiles, but today it has no sense. Russia does what it wants.”
Nodar, IT Specialist, 32

“As far as I'm concerned these missiles have been deployed on the Abkhazian territory in the frame of a particular negotiation between Russia and Abkhazia for some defensive reasons. But I think they are quite dangerous and not only for Georgia but the whole civilized world as Russia has now proved it is not going to leave the occupied territories but on the contrary is spreading its authority there.”
Leila, Psychologist, 48