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Gogi Topadze criticises economic strategy

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 17
Businessman Gogi Topadze, owner of Kazbegi brewery and founder of the political party 'Industry will Save Georgia' commented that the senseless economic strategy promoted by the country’s leadership pushed the country into harsh economic conditions. The country produces almost nothing and is totally dependent on imports. Tourism alone will not sustain Georgia. We need a correct economically designed strategy oriented on national industry. According to Topadze, the administration is unable to provide such a strategy as it has self determined Georgia’s function: we are transport corridor between Europe and Asia. The businessman thinks that it is impossible to achieve sustainability by simply being a transport corridor, in particular when the administration has sold major components of this corridor. Poti and Batumi ports are sold and it is most likely the railways will also be sold. Topadze believes that Georgia needs an economic strategy to facilitate and develop local industry.