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How would you assess the crime situation in Georgia?

Tuesday, August 17
“I have been in several foreign countries, including European states, and I have often been warned not to go out alone at night in the streets there. However in Tbilisi it is absolutely safe to take a walk even at 2-3 a.m. I think Georgia is quite a safe country.”
Dato, Engineer, 31

“I can’t say that the crime situation in Georgia is perfect, however compared to the conditions that we were living in about 10 years ago, now it is a real paradise – safe and calm. I remember it was impossible to leave a car parked outside. You always had to be alert, not to be deprived of a wallet or a mobile phone. Now the situation is much better.”
Gia, Bank Employee, 36

“I don’t really know what the situation outside the capital is, but Tbilisi is a safe city. I walk around alone at night and I feel safe. Reports of robberies and murders are less than in the late 90's. I think the situation must be the same in the regions.”
Nino, Interpreter, 29

“There is a lot to be done in terms of juvenile crime. I have heard and seen a lot of horrifying stories about school children wounding or even killing each other in the schoolyard or outside. This issue should be tackled as soon as possible.”
Keto, Accountant, 45

Well I think that the crime situation in Georgia has improved over the last several years. I mean there aren't frequent cases of robbery or murder in the streets and people can walk freely at nights without fear.
Elene, Dancer, 27

To be fair I’ve got a bit tired of the whole heroism of our police which investigates cases of organised bribery or kidnap…which seems quite artificial to me. We live in Georgia, not in Hollywood so I just wish we could live in an ordinary atmosphere and care about our future.
Nikoloz, Driver, 48

Thank God the crime situation is under Governmental control in our country. I remember how high the cases of criminal cases used to be in our country but we can all see how everything has changed from the worst to better nowadays.
Tsiala, Pensioner, 63