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Wednesday, August 18
Very few children receive promised computers

Rezonansi writes that only a small number of first form students will be given computers as promised by the president. The ministry of education commented that for now computers will be given to children in the schools of Batumi, Zugdidi and Tserovani, and the rest will be given from time to time. The president's initiative to give every 1st year school child a computer has received varying assessments - some did not like it. Some analysts suggest the current tendency around the world is to limit children's use of computers, as computers kill books. As for the president’s other initiative that English should become the second language after native Georgian in Georgian schools, and that English should be taught from the first year, they say it is better for children to start learning English from their 3rd year in school.

Paata Zakareishvili: US used us in 2008

In his interview for Akhali Taoba, political analyst Paata Zakareishvili said that the US State Department, the Pentagon and central intelligence department were categorically against Georgia starting a war against Russia. They were all fully aware of what the result would be. Republican conservatives thought that Russia would attack Georgia and they wanted to show Russian aggression to US voters before the presidential elections in the US.

“They found Saakashvili to be the person who agreed to carry out this task and challenge Russian aggression. It was discovered that Russia had quite a different trap, they cheated not only Saakashvili but serious figures of US policy and punished us by strengthening their position in the Caucasus,” Zakareishvili said.

“I cannot say the Americans wanted the war, they did not think the war would have happened, their wish was to anger Russia in order to increase their rating during pre-election campaign. But the result was different. The US rejected their policies and elected Obama, who started to reset policy with Russia. Americans see a threat from Russia but they know that it needs regulation and balanced policy, rather than confrontation,” Zakareishvili added.

Christian Democrats' conference in Batumi

On August 16 in Batumi, the Christian Democratic Movement held a conference on the rights of local government members and the issues of regional governance, Akhali Taoba reports. Organised by the American Republican Institute, the event opened yesterday. 80 members of the CDM from regional Sakrebulos (regional governments) are participating in the event; Georgian and foreign experts are presenting them with recommendations.

"Throughout the country our representatives will share voters' problems and do their best to solve them, but along with the motivation, these people need knowledge and experience. American colleagues and Georgian experts are working with us for these two days to improve our competence," the leader of the Christian Democratic Movement Giorgi Targamadze commented.