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Do you think it is a good idea for 1st year schoolchildren to learn English at school?

Wednesday, August 18
“It is absolutely unimaginable for a 6-year-old kid to learn foreign language properly. First of all the schoolchildren should learn the basics of their own language and then start learning a foreign one. I think that it would be more appropriate to start teaching English from 3rd-4th grade.”
Medea, Pensioner, 70

“Kids learn everything very easily, so it is a good idea to start teaching foreign languages from the first grade. Maybe they will not be able to learn a lot but at least they will be familiar with the basic words and expressions. I totally support this idea.”
Irina, Accountant, 40

“I think it is worth trying. If it does not work, they can stop the experiment any time. Good English language skills are absolutely crucial nowadays, so it is nice that it becomes mandatory in every school.”
Irakli, Student, 20

It is good, but it would be better to learn Georgian as well.
Nino, Housewife, 35

I think children aged 5 or 6 years can actually hardly deal with their mother tongue…SO how does our Government expect them to learn the foreign language I just wonder? That’s just not fair…
Salome, Interpreter, 21

The situation in our country is getting absolutely out of control. I mean the Government of Georgia is initiating and implementing things they suppose are right for the people. But they simply forget that the Government should actually be oriented on its people and offer them things which are beneficial for them in particular, not international society.
Mzia, Doctor, 43