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Only one president in Russia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 19
The initiative of Chechen president, Ramzan Kadirov to give the presidents of different entities within the Russian federation different titles has been supported by several of his counterparts, For instance, the north Ossetian president Teimuraz Mamsurov supported the idea and instead of president suggested the term ‘Head’. He agreed that there should be only one president in Russia. Arsen Kanokov, president of Kabardo Balkaria also concurred with the initiative. He said he would ask parliament to introduce the necessary changes in the legislation of Kabardo Balkaria of Russian federation as soon as he returns from holiday. He also suggested that the titles for each head of a Russian federation entity should be the same.

Another leader to agree with the Chechen president was Dagestan leader Magomedsalam Magomedov, adding that for him personally is not the name which matters but the power which regional leader should have while fulfilling duties and responsibilities. Ingushetian president Iunuzbek Evkurov said he had already taken certain steps in this direction.

Karachai-Cherkezya president agreed as well that Russia should be just one statehood with one president. He thinks that Russia does not have a federal president but rather a president of the Russian federation.