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Thursday, August 19
Obligatory Conscription begins

Obligatory Conscription has begun. 3500 young men will be placed under command.

On August 16 a meeting was held in the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, connected with the autumn call up. The meeting was attended by members of Ministries of Healthcare, Education, Defense and Internal Affairs. The conscription process will be supervised by the Ministry of Regional Development.

Minister Ramaz Nikolaishvili said that the ministries will create a working group, focused on refining the obligatory conscription.

“The call-up up of young people will take place in local municipalities. Call up points will be equipped with special medical equipment, for making better health checks of youths of paramilitary age,” - reported Nikolaishvili.

As Nilolaishvili says, during the autumn conscription all the blanks from the spring call up will be eradicated.

The autumn call up will finish on December, 30. Youths, who want to postpone being called up will have to pay 2000 Gel, as stipulated by law. (Interpressnews)

Russian Government to Establish Victims of Fire in Abkhazia

The Russian government plans to establish the victims of fire in Abkhazia.

“InterpressNews” was informed about this by refugees from Abkhazia, living in Iaroslav and Nijni Novgorod. They reported that information about setting up in Abkhazia appeared to be attractive for citizens, with local officials taking 15-20 thousand USD as a bribe for giving them the documents and the status of fire victims. The price may rise as demand rises.

As the source, close to Sokhumi government, reports, the Russian government has not made a request to establish the victims in Abkhazian territory, but the number of Russian citizens purchasing real estate continues to increases.

Local residents say purchasing real estate in Abkhazia is encouraged by the military agreement between Russia and Abkhazia. In this agreement, officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense and border guard officers have right to purchase real estate in Abkhazia. They report that real estate in Abkhazia is being purchased by people with these occupations and juridical legalisation is no problem for them. Local people maintain that Russian officials started buying real estate much earlier than August 2008.

Sokhumi officials explained to “InterpressNews”, Russia may present Abkhazia with the vast list of ex-military officers, as fire victims, to establish in Sokhumi. The military agreement will oblige Sokhumi officials to consent to it.

Officially, the fire in Russia destroyed 800 thousand hectares of land. But unofficial sources report about 15 million hectares have been destroyed by the fire. In spite of this, that fire has spread all over the central regions of Russia and whole government structures are being mobilized to extinguish the flames, no official or unofficial information is spread. (Interpressnews)

NGO leader gives government an ultimatum

The leader of the NGO 'Solidarity to Illegal Prisoners', former opposition leader Eka Beselia delivered her ultimatum to the government at a briefing held at the Prime Time Press Club yesterday.

Beselia slammed the government for ignoring the demand, which the opposition voiced on April 30, 2010 at a rally outside parliament. Then they demanded the release of 'political prisoners'.

Beselia said two prisoners, who are serving sentences for their political views and activities, Vakhtang Maisia and Melor Vachnadze went on hunger strike yesterday. Beselia accused the court of being subject to political pressure.

'I am giving the government a month to begin releasing the political prisoners. If the demand is ignored, I will lead activities and public rallies to direct public attention to the injustice of the government. This government has waged a war against its people,' Beselia said. (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party vs. Mtskheta-Mtianeti governor

The Georgian Labour Party urges the government to seize the property of the governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, Tsezar Chocheli and give the proceeds to a foundation for assisting IDPs.

Ideological Secretary of the Labour Party, Kakha Dzagania announced at a briefing yesterday that Chocheli was one of the most corruptive officials, who was only worried about his own property.

Dzagania demands the establishment of a Foundation for IDPs, which will be filled with funds raised from property seized from those criminals in authority.

The Labour Party urges the government to dismiss Chocheli from his position. (Rustavi 2)

15 year-old boy seriously injured while swimming

A 15-year-old boy received serious injuries to his neck as he jumped in the river Mtkvari, where he went swimming together with his friends. The incident happened yesterday in the city of Rustavi. They say Tato Kelenjeridze jumped in the water with his head down, but he fell so badly, that he received numerous injuries. The boy was taken out of the water and taken to the Rustavi central hospital, where he was given first aid. He was later admitted to Tbilisi Iashvili Children's Clinic.

After examining Tato, the doctors commented that the boy's injuries were critical, but that now his condition has stabilised. He was unable to move his limbs after the incident. (Rustavi 2)

Poland defeats Georgia in EuroBasket Qualifying Round

Poland celebrated an important victory in Group C of the Euro Basketball qualifying round. Poland beat Georgia 67:58. Three teams with a 3-2 record now share first place in the group, while Belgium has a 3-1 record.

Zaza Pachulia was injured as a result of a trauma to his knee, which he got at the previous game. Despite the defeat, the Georgian team is still top of its group. (Rustavi 2)