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Thursday, August 19
Ombudsman on IDPís eviction

Akhali Taoba writes that the Public Defender of Georgia has responded to the eviction of IDPs. In a specially released statement it is said that recently the eviction of IDPs has become rather frequent and asks Minister of IDPs and resettlement Koba Subeliani to pay special attention to certain aspects.

It is obvious that the recent intensive eviction IDPs have faced gave rise to protest rallies and complaints. There is a danger that there was mistrust of the Ministry of IDPs, which may hinder the action plan implementation process.

The Public defender and his representatives observed the eviction process. The results of the monitoring revealed several issues including that of time management problem as IDPs are given just 5 days warning that they will be evicted, thus the IDPs are not able to empty their temporary homes in time. Another problem is that there are several categories of IDPs in different types of accommodation. According to the ministry there were IDPs from the August 2008 war in buildings who were waiting for payments instead of cottages, as well as IDPs living in private sector apartments and IDP families which were being allowed by the Ministry to live in those buildings.

The ombudsman points out that the IDPs should have an opportunity to see their alternative future accommodation beforehand. It is also important for the accommodation to meet the minimum standards of living.

Resumption of Flights between Russia and Georgia

Rezonansi reports that flights between Georgia and Russia are not yet regular, but are being resumed. Airlines have conducted flights between the two countries once over the past two months. On August 20 flights will be resumed, with Airzena flying from Tbilisi to Moscow, while on August 23 Russian airline Sibir (S7) will fly from Moscow to Tbilisi. Irregular flights will last until the end of September. As for regular flights Airzena has already sent a notification request to Russiaís transport ministry regarding this issue, however according to the company representative, it has not yet received a response. Airzena says that starting August 20 it plans to fly from Tbilisi to Moscow every 2-3 days until September 15.

Sibir will be first Russian airline who addressed the Georgian side to conduct flights between the two countries, after cancelling regular flights between Moscow and Tbilisi some time ago.