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Do you think that tourism can be one of the main contributor's to Georgia's economy?

Thursday, August 19
“I think that yes, it can. However, before we start making big hopes for tourism revenues, we should think about better service for the tourists. The prices are also quite high, which should also be changed.”
Eka, Lawyer, 28

“I don’t think that Georgia can become a tourism-based country like Turkey. Or at least we will need 10 more years to become so. I think we should focus more on the agricultural sphere – exporting nuts and tea for example could be very profitable for the country.”
Dato, Engineer, 52

“Why not? We have sea, amazing mountains, nice cities, including Tbilisi, interesting culture and folklore – all of these are tourist attractions. All we need is more publicity around the world.”
Maia, Teacher, 30

Tourism is definitely an important part of each country’s development as a way to introduce its culture and traditions to the international community but we have no relevant experience in tourism development yet in our country and we shouldn’t hope for the sector’s great contribution in the local economy.
Lasha, Economist, 31

For sure that’s the most exact way to develop the economy in Georgia.
Nini, Interpreter, 22

I think yes…But I think we shouldn’t base our economic development on sea tourism but the mountains where there are really wonderful surroundings which will amaze the visitors.
Anna, Project Manager, 25