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How do you think the resumption of charter flights can affect Georgian-Russian relations?

Friday, August 20
I dont think the resumption of charter flights may affect Georgian-Russia relations. I mean the war in August is the subject of controversies even today, so transport departments alone wont help to make any steps forward.
Erekle, Engineer, 55

Resumption of charter flights Tbilisi-Moscow-Tbilisi is an important step forward to the solution of the Georgian-Russian disagreement over various issues throughout the history. Im very glad to be among the people who are preparing for the first flight to Moscow on August 23. I have lots of friends in Russia and it has been a wonderful gift for all of us to see each other after such a long blockade.
Lali, Psychologist, 48

I am quite old for making presumptions but as a participant of various national contests I can remember the times of Georgian-Russian friendship with pride. We had hard times together against Germany which we managed to overcome together with the other countries of the Soviet Union and all these facts from our past history just encourage me to stress that I welcome any steps made forward to restoring the friendly relations with Russia.
Ilia, Pensioner, 84

I dont think that there will be any immediate effect. Flights are just for ordinary people, and are dealt with by private companies. However politics is made by politicians. I think the regulation of Georgian-Russian relations depends on the governments and not on ordinary people or private companies.
Lia, Unemployed, 52

I cant say that the resumption of flights will solve all the problems between the two countries, however I think that it is a step forward in the normalising of relations between Russia and Georgia and it should be welcomed.
Gela, Businessman, 39

It will make life easier for thousands of Georgians who live in Russia, or for those Georgians who have relatives living in Russia. I think it is the only positive thing in Georgian-Russian relations since the August war.
Marina, Saleswoman, 45

Everything can have some particular affect on Georgian-Russian relations nowadays and I think that this time the resumption of flights will have positive results at least for both nations. I mean Georgians and Russians always used to have friendly relations and theres a great chance that this positive step may become the beginning of the restoration of past friendship.
Eka, Housewife, 48