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Monday, August 23
Supsa to be largest port on Black Sea East Coast

The largest port on the East coast of Black Sea is being built in Supsa.

The port, with 6 terminals will begin operating in 2012, reports the director of the company implementing the project “Black Sea Product”. He estimates an initial expenditure of 700 million USD. Supsa port will differ from others, because it will serve boats of different type and size,” comments Tsakadze. The port will cover 180 hectares and will serve container ships as well as combined loads - cereals, wheat, and cars.

Snake bites man in Marneuli

A snake bit a 25-year-old man in Marneuli. A Tbilisi resident, Omar Migriauli was working on his own land in Marneuli when a one metre long snake attacked him. The injured man was taken to Marneuli hospital and later moved to Tbilisi. According to doctors, Migriauli's condition is satisfactory and his life is not in danger.
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One injured in car accident

A car accident happened last night in Tbilisi, Dighomi district. A speeding Mercedes car crashed into a tree. The injured driver was given first aid by local residents. Later the young driver with several fractured bone was taken to the Iashvili hospital. According to doctors, the injuries are not critical.
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GEL 8 million for modernising metro trains

Tbilisi Mayor’s Office is planning to spend around GEL 8 million on the modernisation of the Tbilisi metro trains. The Mayor’s Office has already declared a tender. The winner of the tender should modernise 3 front carriages, 6 middle carriages and 30 engines. The work will cost approximately GEL 8 million, according to Tbilisi officials and should be completed by December 31, 2011.

Medea to be staged at Poti Drama Theatre

German director Tobias Sosinka and his Georgian colleague Otar Egadze will stage Medea in Valerian Gunia Poti State Drama theatre. The project is being carried out with the assistance of the European Union. According to Tengiz Khukhia, the manager of Poti Drama Theatre, actors from Poti, as well as other theatres will participate in the performance. “Our great wish is to stage the play in the theatre's new building, however we do not know whether we will manage this or not,” Khukhia said.

Israel Tourism Minister to visit Georgia in September

Israel's Tourism Minister, Stas Misezhnikov will pay an official visit to Georgia in September to find out about the country’s tourism potential and infrastructure. Georgia's Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister, Ramaz Nikolaishvili has already visited Israel, where he met his Israeli colleague, as well as the Foreign and the Tourism Ministers. At a meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, the priority issue for discussion was deepening trade, economic and industrial relations between Israel and Georgia. Nikolaishvili and Lieberman talked about increasing the number of flights and simplifying visa procedures between the two countries.

“The situation in the Caucasus region is currently quite tense. These are very sensitive issues, so we did not touch upon them during our meeting. The main subject of our meeting was cooperation in infrastructure, industrial and economic projects,” Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman said.