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Do you think that the international community is not making enough effort to defend Georgia from further Russian aggression?

Monday, August 23
I can’t actually see any danger from Russia towards our country. I mean there was definitely aggression in August 2008 but it has ended with occupation and an attempt to legalise the occupied regions – that's all. No more fear – let’s just try to find any wise solution from the created situation and let’s live in peace.
Elene, teacher, 28

I think the international community did lots of things for the safety of the Georgian statehood in August 2008 and it’s our responsibility to avoid any kind of aggression from Russia in the future.
Niko, socialist, 55

“It would not be correct to criticise the international community for not being active or not making enough effort regarding the Georgian-Russian conflict resolution. I believe that if were not for the Western leaders, Georgia now would be a province of Russia.”
Nana, journalist, 25

“It is hard to blame any country. All of them have their own interests and none of them want to make troubles with Russia because of tiny Georgia. I think we should learn to stand up for ourselves and defend our country.”
Levan, student, 22

“I think that Western countries have become less active in terms of Georgia’s problems. Russia is a large and powerful state after all and this should be realised. I would like to see strong and developed countries supporting Georgia not only verbally but by real actions. Unfortunately what we hear lately are just words and nothing else.”
Eka, teacher, 37

“I don’t think that Russia will start another adventure against us. That’s why the European states and the US are less active – they also realise that Russia has taken from Georgia whatever it wanted to take. I don’t expect any further deterioration of relations between Tbilisi and Moscow.”
Giorgi, unemployed, 50

“Honestly, I am quite frustrated. During the August war days, I laid all my hopes on the Western leaders. Now I think that we are more alone than ever facing a huge aggressive neighbour. I think that the European and American politicians should realise that they could become next victims of Russia if they let Moscow do whatever they want in Georgia.”
Ia, real estate agent, 35

“I would say they are not making any effort at all. Russia was not punished for any action it made against Georgia. That’s why the Moscow administration feels free to do anything it wants on Georgia’s territories.”
Nona, artist, 59