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Do you support the idea of creating a confederation with Azerbaijan?

Tuesday, August 24
“Our President once before aired the idea concerning creating a confederation with Azerbaijan. To tell the truth, I cannot speak on the pros and cons of such a union and no-one from the authorities talks openly about the issue. This is a very important case and people should have detailed information about it.”
Natia, Housewife, 31

“I do not support it, as if there were such a confederation there would be no border between the two countries and there will be a threat of the assimilation of Georgian people and language. In addition, Georgian and Azeri culture, customs and religion are totally different from one another.”
Gia, Historian, 41

“I think it will be useful for Georgia. Azerbaijan is developing significantly; it also has some energy levers. However, I do not suppose the Armenians will be crazy on the idea and this might impose some additional strain on relations in Caucasus.”
Tamar, Teacher, 29

“If Caucasian countries manage to create some kind of unification it will be positive for the region and negative for Russia, I suppose. However, I do not expect the Azeri side to agree to such a confederation, as Aliyev had no reaction when Saakashvili mentioned the prospect.”
Giorgi, Bank Employee, 25

“I do not agree, even though Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Russia are our neighbours, they have always tried to capture our territories and annihilate the Georgian nation. Also, there was once an attempt to create that kind of Caucasian Countries union, without any outcome. One of the main problems of Caucasus is the significant difference among the nations in the region.”
Davit, Painter, 54

“I don’t know anything about this issue however the idea itself sounds weird. I hope someone from the Georgian government just decided to joke.”
Ika, Systems Engineer, 27

“Is there anything in common between Azerbaijan and Georgia, except the fact that both countries are located in the South Caucasus? I am sure this plan will never be carried out in reality, so I don’t think there is a need to discuss it much.”
Dato, Doctor, 38

“Frankly I am not very excited with this idea, I hope it will never be implemented in real life and will remain just a plan. A Georgian-Azeri confederation can only be a virtual project.”
Tamta, Accountant, 25